About us


We are FACE – the Foundation for Active Community Engagement!

We’re a youth and community charity, based in Filton in the north of Bristol (just within the boundary of South Gloucestershire Council).

We have been running youth work for 70+ years as a voluntary sector centre based within a Methodist Church-owned youth centre. As of May 2014 we registered as a new charity with a new focus now on youth AND community work hiring the same premises from the church next door to us.

Our building was 50 years old in April 2017 and we held a big celebration weekend and Egg Trail across Filton for a month! See the ’50th Anniversary’ page for all the details.

We are a local charity which aims to work with people of all ages to improve their community participation, skills and learning, health and wellbeing, activity and work-readiness, and enable people to come together to break down barriers between different ages and backgrounds, and improve life in the local area.

We are seeing that charity registration and new foci for our work are enabling us to keep growing and developing and attracting wider funds to allow our great organisation to flourish into the future!

We are expanding work from Filton and from 2019 will be delivering projects across Bristol and South Glos! Exciting times!

FACE’s Core Values are:

Equality: being fair and consistent, providing equality of opportunity where everyone can fulfil their potential
providing a safe space to develop, whilst maintaining an environment for fun
Respect: listening, trusting, encouraging, and challenging each other
Integrity: doing the right thing and being proud of all that we do
Empowerment: enabling people to grow, learn, participate, and thrive
Making A Difference: having a positive impact on people’s lives and in our local community

Thanks for looking at our website – this is our temporary site whilst we have a new site developed (exciting!) – please get in touch if you want to know more!

(See the contact us section of this site!)

Or why not come and visit us – contact us to see when we’re around or our big annual events are our AGM which in 2019 is on 23rd October 7-8.30pm and Christmas Fayre which is on December 7th 12-3pm!